Tips for becoming a great Programmer

With the growing world of technology in the world, more and more programmers professions needed by companies that require to use computer technology.This profession is very promising for the future, because regardless of age and educational background. And now this much is becoming a programmer instead of computer educational background provided that have knowledge of programming language writing.

Tips for becoming a great Programmer

have strong logic

Application made by programmers is the result of writing code-code computers using a variety of computer languages. As for some of the computer language i.e. HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Ruby and many more. In the writing of computer language this is requires us to use the mathematical logic.

must be strong enough to linger in front of the computer

The profession of a programmer is a profession that daily is not separated from the laptop. If you do not like sitting in front of a computer screen was fantastic, you should think in advance to become a writer code of computer programs. Not only that, a programmer usually have irregular rest period due to often staying up all night to do amid the creation of a computer program.

It often happens that a computer program writer only cares about his expertise in making computer applications and underestimates the importance of communication so that there is a misunderstanding of the boss or the client in delivering the message. With that it is very difficult for a programmer to make an application that is in accordance with the wishes of his clients.

Exercise and keep learning

With the number of syntax and a variety of computer languages to learn, exercise becomes indispensable. It often happens on a programmer who rarely put into practice their knowledge at one of the programming languages become forgotten. Hence the importance to repeat and do exercise as often as possible at your leisure.

And keep in mind that, the programmer is not only master one language computer only. In the making of the application, there are some programming languages that must be mastered. For example in website creation, a programmer must master the language Front End for programming that is how it looks as well as the Back End for the creation of a system of traffic data and the settings of the database.

always updated about the development of technology

Programming languages that are experiencing development i.e. HTML, CSS, PHP, Visual Basic, and so on and there is also a programming language is no longer used.
Programming languages are divided into two types namely, desktop and web base. And currently is being lively and crowded web programming language i.e. studied base. But no less important as a desktop programming languages dominate the world phone is Android (JAVA). As for the language pemogramman web-based client that is HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrapping (one of the CSS framework), PHP, CodeIgniter and Laravel as well as the YII (framework of PHP), Javascript and much more.
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