How to choose a cheap and best hosting for your website

In general, the best quality hosting will be accompanied by prices that tend to be expensive.However, it is not always like that because there are actually also a cheap hosting service with performance that is no less great with that expensive.As we know that hosting service that we use for a website will greatly affect the performance of the website. Therefore, we must be careful in deciding the hosting for a website, let alone the website for business purposes.

How to choose a cheap and best hosting for your website


Each hosting provider has certain price packages that you can adjust to the budget. You can also try to get cheap hosting package prices by using promotional codes from sites that provide promotional codes from various sources

Hosting Type

there are 4 types of website hosting with different specifications :
  1. Shared hosting
  2. Virtual Private Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting

If your website is still newly created, then you should use a type of shared hosting because it is cheaper. You can upgrade if one day your website needs a higher hosting specification.

Bandwidth Capacity

We recommend that you select hosting that offers unlimited bandwidh capacity so that websites you can remain online though when traffic are soaring.

The Quality Of The Server

One way to choose a good server quality is to pay attention to the location of the server, for example server location in Singapore, America, France, and others.

Security System

Professional hosting provider generally has a pretty good security system so that the client site security remains protected from hacker attacks.

Quality Support / Costumer Service Quality

you need a hosting provider with a ready customer support 24 hours a day helping to solve the problem of the website. In addition to helping the main problem on the website for you, as a business owner you will feel calmer.
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