Simple way to get your work done quickly

Many people find it difficult to find work, even not only high school graduates, Diploma and Undergraduate level sometimes they often complain that it will be difficult to find work, especially those who want to find work according to their passion and desire in certain fields.

Of course this is an irony, because it is actually not because there are no vacancies but because of their ways and efforts that are less effective and maximum, we know that it is very easy to get job information both in the newspaper and the internet.

1. Expand the network of friendship relationships

Expand your friendship relations both online and offline. Don't hesitate to ask for info lockers to friends during school or college. And you can also ask friends on your social media, being active in various job seeker communities both online and offline will also help you.

2. Use of newspaper and internet media

You can find job information from newspaper media on weekends. You can also take advantage of internet media because there are many sites that offer job info.

3. Send job applications online

Use internet media to send CVs online. Here are some online locker sites

4. Send CV via e-mail

Of course many companies have implemented a recruitment system via e-mail, you can send your application via e-mail to hundreds of company email addresses. You can simply search for the company's e-mail address on Google or ask for an e-mail address by calling the company.

5. Participating in job fair events       

Join the jobfair event, there you will find hundreds of jobs from dozens of companies. Jobfair events are always there every month, and are very potential to be able to work as soon as possible because you can put your job application directly according to the company's qualifications and needs. 
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